The ResearchMaster Enterprise (RME) solution was launched in 1997 to provide a comprehensive enterprise-wide research management solution for research institutions (including universities and hospitals) across Australia and New Zealand.

RME dovetails well with the other main corporate systems – the finance system, the human resources system and, in the university context, the student enrolment system. Increasingly, RME is also being interfaced with the research institution’s digital repository system.

Recent years have seen continual advances in the functionality of the RME solution, keeping pace with both client and government requirements and is now in its 6th major release. Our expertise and experience in the research marketplace has also grown during this period and we have worked more closely with our clients not just with regard to RME solutions, but also more strategically as we provide consulting services to assist in strategic planning, change management and commercialisation.

We have established close and productive relationships with key government and funding organisations, as well as the region’s peak advisory body – the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS). We have also put in place an advisory structure of key clients and industry participants to ensure that our products and services remain relevant. We are continuing to expand our capabilities through active recruitment from the industry of people with proven expertise in research management, commercialisation and technology.