PORTIA/Higher Degree Research (HDR) Management

PORTIA provides a transparent supervisory management system for supervisors and students to work together to plan candidature tasks and goals, and for the university to track progress and completions.

Management of higher degree by research candidature requires continuing attention. The university must ensure effective supervision, validity of the research being undertaken, ongoing reviews of progress, appropriate examination of theses and other outcomes of the research programs.

Effective candidature management involves data of many types including:

  • the personnel involved – the candidate, supervisor(s), advisors, examiners, co-authors, candidature managers
  • the research – research topic, plan, resources and facilities
  • the outcomes and outputs
  • ethics and risk management
  • stipends and support – contracts, scholarships, periodic payments, leave
  • progress review and management

RME’s tools are key to ensuring transparency, accountability and tracking in all aspects of candidature management. The tools include registers and qualification of supervisors, eForms to facilitate progress review and changes in aspects of the candidature, interactions between supervisors and candidates and management of examination processes.

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